We are no different

How deluded are we to believe that any specific group of people or person is evil and that we are not?

Here we are: armchair judges who believe themselves neutral and inherently “good” because of it. We sit back passively behind our screens making judgements of those that we have never met. This takes place when we watch the news; when we scroll our feeds. The distance doesn’t need to be great — it can be a world away or from an adjacent seat on the bus. We may think physical walls are a bad idea, but the ones we construct with our words are worse and dead air is just as intoxicating.

Our devaluation and ignorance of the image of God that we rub shoulders with or choose to turn away from our perceived sanctuaries of safety — citing the potential admittance of evil — exposes our true (false) god. Our action and lack thereof reflect our (dis)belief; it reflects what we truly love and the twisted image of what we worship.

Head down.
Eyes back to the screen.
We silently continue singing the (im/ex)plicit liturgy…