Nathan Knowler

Calgary-based, remote-friendly web designer & developer

👋 Hello friend.

My name is Nathan. I am a web designer and developer living in Calgary. Brrrr ⛄ is right! I’m originally from Vancouver so I’m not super used to the cold. I never went to school for programming, but I had the rare privilege of being born into a very technology friendly family — so I grew up hacking computers from a young age.

I intend to make this website a blog, a portfolio, and a place to share a part of me to the web. For now you can follow @kn_wler on Twitter for a random and sporadic stream of my thoughts. Checkout @knowler on GitHub to see what I’m currently hacking. And finally, listen to me try to play guitar on SoundCloud. If you need to get ahold of me, you can do so by emailing I would love to connect with you!