Nathan Knowler

2020 in music


I listened to a lot of music this year. I believe in someways this year music was a lot more meaningful to me this year and the albums I treasured the most seem to reflect that, though they might be surprising.

Favourite albums of the year

I’ll keep my comments to a minimum, but here are my favourite albums I listened it to this year.

1. Brain Pain by Four Year Strong

I love the energy of this album and I feel like I can just put it on anytime.

2. People with Dreams by John Mark McMillan

This album will always remind me of our home in Calgary. It was the home my daughter was a newborn in and despite the lonliness of lockdown, the summer was bright and she brought sweetness to life as well.

3. A Beautiful Place To Drown by Silverstein

4. Afterburner by Dance Gavin Dance

I’d say this was my most anticipated album of the year and to be honest it didn’t quite live up to my expectation for it, but I still loved it and listened to it a ton nonetheless.

5. The New Abnormal by The Strokes

I listened to this album a ton when we were all just adjusting to life in the pandemic. We went to stay with my parents for a month and the early summer weather combined with Okanagan backdrop made it a very enjoyable listen. I remember going for a few drives where my daughter and I listened to this until she fell asleep.

Favourite non-2020 albums of the year

  1. A Different Shade of Blue by Knocked Loose (2019)
  2. Science Fiction by Brand New (2017)
  3. Die On Mars by The Callous Daoboys (2019)